Hestia earrings

Price: 1070 € including VAT

Hestia Earrings are extraordinary because of their fresh energy and simple design. The big natural olivine stones that were used for Hestia Earrings are very special and rare natural stones and you will not see many of them on the jewellery market. A must have for every classy red hair beauty!


Used Stones:
2x Olivine 10x10 mm

Used materials:
Yellow gold 14C

Approximate weight of jewellery (including stones):
4,40 g


  • Every jewellery piece can be tailor made specifically for you, while using different stone or metal. Do not hesitate to contact us for consultation.
  • The price is approximate, your individual final price might differ based on the kind and size of used stone and metal.
  • Shipping fee to anywhere in the world is on us, no additional fee for you.
  • You will receive an official certificate for all diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds.
  • All our jewellery is original and handmade, therefore every piece might slightly differ.
  • We need approximately 3 weeks to create your jewellery. You will be informed about date of shipping and delivery simply via email after order.
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Mobile and WhatsApp:
+972 52 600 7077